Internet Service Plans

NEW Pricing effective January 2020!

Max DownloadMonthly RatePlan Name & Typical Usage
1.5$29LITE: light web browsing and email
2.0$38BASIC: web browsing, social networking, shopping
3.0$54REGULAR-DUTY: heavier web surfing, music, videos, Netflix SD
4.0$69MEDIUM-DUTY: music, videos, gaming, Netflix SD
5.0$83HEAVY-DUTY: more gaming, more users, more video streaming, Netflix HD
6.0$96ULTRA: even more gaming, even more users, even more video streaming, Netflix HD
7.0$110EXTREME: MORE of all of the above and ALL streaming services
8.0$124GAMER: all streaming services and great for gaming
10.0$152EXTREME-X: streaming to the MAX! Great for multi-user households (available in select areas)
12.0$174EXTREME-X2: streaming to the MAX! Great for multi-user households (available in select areas)


  • Flat Monthly Rate - No Extra Fees
  • All plans include UNLIMITED data!
  • Download speeds listed are in Mbps (Megabits per second)
  • Upload speeds for all plans are 25% of download speed - for example: 4.0 Mbps download plan has 1.0 Mbps upload
  • Please see our FAQ page for our coverage areas
  • We also have Custom upload and download speed plans and Business / Commercial plans available to suit your needs - please call or email us for more information

Check out this guide to determine what Internet speed you should choose. Also check out our FAQ page for video streaming speed recommendations.

Our service is offered on a month-to-month basis. No contract is required, however you will need to fill out a credit application with us to begin service.

There is a non-refundable installation fee of $150*** which includes fixed-wireless equipment installed at your location and cabling to your router. Standard installation includes up to 100 ft. outdoor-rated/shielded CAT5e cabling with one wall penetration. Additional charges may apply for additional installation work. You will need your own wireless router which uses an ethernet feed. No modems required.

***We have options to reduce or waive the installation fee with a 1 or 2 year service contract (early termination fees and other restrictions apply).

We generally install within 1-5 days.

We perform all programming and maintenance on our equipment.

There are no data caps with our service - this means UNLIMITED usage!

To Sign Up for service, please use the form on our Contact page. Select "SignUp" and be sure to include your address so that we can verify service availability to your location.